JSP is in the business of building the nation by producing steel and power, developing infrastructure and by educating young people for these industries.

JSP runs one university (OP Jindal Global University) at Sonipat; one engineering college (OP Jindal Institute of Technology) at Raigarh; one training school (Jindal Institute of Power Technology) for power plant professionals; five O.P. Jindal Community Colleges in Odisha, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand and four Industrial Training Institutes, which it runs in partnership with the government of India. JSP also provides 332 community teachers to 160 government schools. JSP’s schools at Raigarh, Tamnar, Nalwa, Angul and Patratu impart education to 5500 students.

Our impact in numbers

  • Number of students at O. P. Jindal Schools: 9,841
  • Number of meritorious students awarded the Shri O.P. Jindal and Smt. Savitri Jindal Merit Scholarships: 682
  • Number of these scholarships awarded to ITI students: 72
  • Number of community teachers provided: 332
  • Number of schools benefiting from community teachers: 160
  • Number of students impacted by distribution of uniforms, books, annual school fees reimbursements, desks and benches: 4,542
  • Number of teachers benefiting from teacher training programmes: 152 in 11 schools
  • Number of students for whom career counselling organized: 3,764 in 10 schools
  • Number of 11 Anganwadi Centres renovated 11
  • Number of children in 0-5 age-group benefiting from superior infrastructural amenities: 250
  • Number of students given additional coaching classes: 695
  • Number of students benefiting from computer classes: 1,496

OP Jindal Global University

Situated on a sprawling 80-acre residential campus the JGU is global in every respect with a continent leading 1:15 faculty-student ratio and a celebrity line-up of teachers hand-picked from around the world. The professors at this university are distinguished leaders in their domains and come with outstanding track records.

JGU has five schools: Jindal Global Law School, Jindal Global Business School, Jindal School of International Affairs, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy and Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities.

OP Jindal Community College: Skilling India for Work

Established in 2007 as OP Jindal Institute of Technology and Skills, OPJCC today comprises five community colleges located in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Odisha. Designed to promote social, economic, and educational mobility, the college conducts a number of skill programmes that empowers thousands of people every year. The training ranges from short-term programmes to others that aim to address job and, skill gaps. It also offers one-to-two-year ITI certificate programmes. As many as 9000 people, most of them from disadvantaged communities, passed out of OPJCC’s programmes in 2014 alone.

The college enrols students from all across the country. Already it has students from 10 states, including Arunachal Pradesh. While the college’s satellite centres in villages and districts expand its reach, its alumni, placed in jobs across India and overseas, extends its impact. Yet much more remains to be done.

OPJCC represents a bold CSR investment in human development and a genuine commitment to India’s future. Each college has qualified instructors and well-established infrastructure for offering quality training in technical and vocational skills. Special programmes focused on rural women advance inclusive growth and gender equality especially in the construction space. Student counselling, job placement assistance, soft skills training, job migration training, and after-care support make the transition from learning to earning seamless for OPJCC students.

In partnership with communities, industry, and government, OPJCC’s aims to:

  • Prepare job-ready learners in market-demand sectors like construction, mechanical services, and healthcare through a variety of government recognized certificate courses ranging from four to 24 months.
  • Provide supervised, on-job-training that connects vocational and soft skills education to real work experiences
  • Offer on-site skills gap training to contract workers, labourers, and land sellers through government sanctioned Recognition of Prior Learning, a global best practice to assess and document skills through certification. The objective is to move millions of people working in disorganized sectors including construction workers up the socio-economic ladder.
  • Cater to the needs of industry through customized training of land sellers and sponsored candidates
  • Facilitate training of trainers, skills assessors, and vocational teachers
  • Promote gender equity and inclusive development.

Community college and skills Development

Like community colleges worldwide, OPJCC provides a second chance to school drop-outs and others locked out of traditional educational institutions due to a complex web of social, economic, and cultural reasons. Our instructors know how to address the myriad needs of such students. Because of the flexibility of their programmes, community colleges are an ideal place to learn and earn, practice new skills in real-work settings, and gain the confidence, knowledge and experience to start a business that ensures dignity of labour.

OPJCC programmes are recognized by the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) and the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MOLE). In 2011, OPJCC converted its existing programmes to competence-based outcomes and took them to industry for validation. Our programmes fall within levels 1-4 of the NSQF (see NSQF legislation, 26 December 2013), which cover over 60% of India’s projected manpower requirements through 2022.

OPJCC students range from 16 to 45 years of age with the average being 18 to 28 years depending on geographic location. Training includes character development, entrepreneurial skills, Hindi and English classes. Third-party assessment through government sector skills councils is an added measure of quality and accountability.

OPJCC Flagship Programs

New initiatives are introduced based on assessments of local needs and long-term strategic planning revolving around international best practices.

Our Chairman Naveen Jindal identified construction skills training as a niche market for OPJCC. What better way to build the India of our dreams!

Incubator Cells are established to facilitate small business development. As part of the “earn-while-you-learn” initiative, students fabricate school and industrial items like benches, steel or wooden tables and lockers under the guidance of instructors.

  • Training-of-trainers is a national initiative to improve the quality of vocational teachers and civil supervisors. This effort is supported by OPJCC partners, Montgomery College (USA) and Dudley College (UK).
  • The OPJCC Construction Training Centre, evolved in partnership with L&T, is grooming the next generation of highly competent, skilled workers for the global construction industry. On-job-training is a mandatory part of the programme and this instils all certificate holders with knowledge of workplace norms, quality and production requirements, teamwork, housekeeping, and supervision.
  • The Recognition of Prior Learning exercise is assesses the competencies of existing workforces as per the National Skills Qualification Framework norms and then offers training to fill the skills gap that helps the trainees to move up the quality and productivity ramp. They gain the skills required to work with modern equipment, tools and safety practices.
  • Projects ranging from the construction of small sheds and boundary walls to multi-storey buildings are undertaken to provide students with an understanding of the full cycle of civil contracts. Maintenance services encourage teams of students to get hand-om experience of repairing electrical equipment, small motors and air conditioners.
  • The Centre for Excellence in Plumbing is a recent addition through which OPJCC will train plumbing instructors and assessors for central India for the Indian Plumbing Sector Council. OPJCC Punjipathra is the only official construction skills assessment facility in the state of Chhattisgarh for the Construction Skills Development Council of India, an NSDC affiliate.
  • OPJCC was the proud recipient of the FICCI/LeapVault Skills Champions of India Award in the Industry Category. In collaboration with JPL Tamnar, OPJCC launched a successful, international award-winning training programme for land sellers called “Utthaan.” JSP Raigarh recently launched a similar program named, “Ukharsh.” OPJCC is part of a team preparing an online postgraduate course for skills development professionals for NIRD.
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