JSPL Foundation

JSPL Foundation is the social arm of Jindal Steel and Power (JSP), registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860, in July 2014. Dedicated to the cause of humanity, the Foundation is focused on improving the Human Development Index by positioning itself as a parenting force of various social change agents operating at ground level.

Our programmes are aligned with the Government and the UN SDGs with an objective of bringing about a radical transformation in the lives of the communities. The Foundation drives holistic community initiatives to help address some of the persistent social challenges in the realms of health & nutrition, water & sanitation, education, skill development, sustainable livelihood & women empowerment, environment & agriculture, sports, art & culture, rural infrastructure and social inclusion.

  • 2Lakh+

    women benefitted from our reproductive health care initiatives

  • 12Lakh+

    people provided with safe and clean drinking water facilities

  • 10k+

    scholarships for poor & underprivileged students

  • 30Lakh+

    saplings planted

Our Leader

Shallu Jindal

Ms. Shallu Jindal

JSPL Foundation
Chancellor – O.P.Jindal University

Our Approach

JSPL Foundation believes in building social capital in the community by facilitating social investments based on the partnership and community ownership mode. The Foundation has been consciously operating in a framework of Triple Bottom Line (TBL) (i.e. people, planet, profit) and therefore has developed an operating system which is compatible to the environmental as well as to the community needs.

JSPL Foundation executes the projects adopting a 360° approach to ensure that core principles in sustainability, social & ecological resilience are integrated across all stakeholders.

Through this approach, we ensure successful implementation and adoption of community projects. The Foundation has been steering the community participation and ownership of social development projects by way of capacity building and effective collaboration. These interventions ensure that core principles in sustainability and social & ecological resilience are integrated across all stakeholders, hence aligned to UN SDGs.

The Foundation has been contributing to the society through all our sustainable CSR interventions, which are also aligned with 17 Sustainable Development Goals launched by the United Nations.
360 Approach
The Foundation's approach is anchored on sustainability, partnerships with the community and stakeholding. This enables the communities to generate their development needs, work out its implementation, forge partnerships wherever necessary, secure funds and in turn, oversee their own development projects.

We ensure successful implementation and adoption of community projects. Techniques like Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Need-Profile Analysis and Need-prioritisation are used as effective community participation tools on the ground.

These activities undertaken by JSPL Foundation pursuing the CSR projects of JSP are not only sustainable but are also aligned with Schedule VII under Companies Act 2013.
360 Approach
Our Mission

To drive and execute community care projects so as to nourish the lives of those we touch through our multidimensional holistic projects, while also performing the social responsibility of JSP in nation building.

Our Vision

To enable and empower communities by consistently improving their quality of life on a sustainable basis and creating opportunities for building and catalysing equitable and inclusive prosperity.

Focus Areas

Health & Nutrition

The backbone of a society is healthy populace who are both physically and mentally fit. Since its inception, JSPL Foundation has been carrying out need based health interventions which are not only curative, but also preventive in nature. JSPL Foundation provides a comprehensive range of services to benefit communities ensuring that its stakeholders are productive in their workplaces and safe everywhere. . We are an active investor in healthcare, which is a pillar of our social responsibility programme. At the JSPL Foundation, efforts are put in to make good health affordable and accessible to the local communities and the society at large. As part of this, the Foundation has been establishing multiple charitable clinics, hospitals and providing world-class health facilities to the local communities.

Major Programmes:

  • Fortis OP Jindal Hospital & Research Centre
  • Project Vastalya
  • Kishori Express
  • Project Sneh
  • Telemedicine Centres
  • Mobile Mecical Vans
  • HIV & AIDS Prevention
Health & Nutrition

JSPL Foundation, in it’s endeavour to ensure clean and safe drinking water and adequate sanitation infrastructure, has taken up a number of initiatives and measures to provide clean, accessible water for the communities. We believe that the health havocs arising out of poor sanitation, unsafe hygiene and contaminated water can be addressed at community level so as to meet the bigger challenges of water crisis and sanitation. While sanitation remains a priority, our focus is simultaneously for providing the clean water at door step. Our efforts are centred in providing clean water and sanitation to every person in every community we work in, including the most vulnerable ones. The programmes are designed to address the water and sanitation needs in the tribal predominant area and interior rural pockets.

Major Programmes:

  • Water ATMs and Water Vans
  • Drinking water facility creation
  • Open Defecation Free Program
  • Community Sanitation
Health & Nutrition

JSPL Foundation’s aim is to nurture and educate young minds so that they contribute to the nation’s development.The JSPL Foundation has been implementing multi-faceted programmes to improve the quality of education. Our educational initiatives are based on the precept that learning is an on-going life process, and thus our programmes span a broad range of activities from promoting school enrolment and educational quality to providing functional literacy and vocational training to adults.

Major Programmes:

  • OP Jindal Global University
  • OP Jindal University
  • Jindal Institute of Power Technology
  • OP Jindal Group Schools
  • Community Teacher Support
  • Adult Literacy Program
  • Scholarship
  • Asha the Hope
  • Pre School Education
  • Vernacular English Medium Schools
  • Little Angels Schools
Health & Nutrition

OP Jindal Community College was established in 2007 to harness valuable human potential and talent of drop-out and unemployed youth in rural India. One major aim of the community college is to provide relevant training courses and customized programmes for industry to increase employability and job creation. In so doing. India's demographic dividend becomes an asset. By offering programs aligned with labor market needs, OPJCC certificate holders are job-ready with the requisite technical, workplace, and soft skills employers need.

Major Programmes:

  • Four OP Jindal Community Colleges in 3 States of Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand
Health & Nutrition

For enabling and empowering community members especially the women members, the farmers, artisans & other key contributors to rural & tribal economy, JSPL Foundation has been implementing multi-dimensional rural livelihood programme which has resulted in minimising the economic vulnerability of above targeted sections and augmented their access to cash income on a sustainable basis. The JSPL Foundation not only engages with women but also farmers from the nearby periphery villages so as to supplement their incomes, by skill building, upgrading skills, enhancing technical knowhow and access to resources.

Major Programmes:

  • Terracotta Craft
  • Dhokra Art
  • Livelihood Generating Centres- Jan Jeevika Kendra and Aakriti Centres
  • Revival & Capacity building of SHG
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Sanitary Napkin Making Units
Health & Nutrition

The Foundation in an endeavor to contribute for a greener and cleaner society, has been focussing on sustainable agricultural practices and also in creating a hazard free, healthy enviroment for the society to live in. The JSPL Foundation works with the approach of creating synergetic partnerships between itself, the people and the government by using Triple Bottom Line as an approach for achieving sustainable development by various measures of modern and sustainable agricultural practices, community plantations, dairy farming and so on. In line with this unique approach to its CSR activities, the Foundation has supported two Micro-Watershed Management Projects in Angul at Odisha and WADI Development Programme in Tamnar at Chhattisgarh benefitting the farmers and their families.

Major Programmes:

  • Participatory Watershed Development
  • WADI Programme
  • SRI Method of Rice Cultivation
  • Krishi Vikas Program and Agricultural Practices
  • Dairy Farming and Bee Farming
Health & Nutrition

In order to promote the athletes, Sports persons and boost ethnic sports, JSPL Foundation has been upgrading the fitness and skill sets of the local youths with appropriate input of nutrition and coaching and facilitating them to participate in various platforms from district to national and international level . Maintenance of stadiums and playgrounds is an on-going activity undertaken in the remote locations, by the Foundation. JSPL Foundation undertakes several sports promotion activities & nurture young talents basically rural & tribal talents.

Major Programmes:

  • Martial Art
  • Football and Other Sports
  • Coaching and Tournaments
  • OP Jindal Cricket Academy
  • Renovation of Sports Centre at National Bal Bhavan
Health & Nutrition

As a part of its mission to promote Indian art and cultures, the JSPL Foundation has been encouraging the talents across the country through various innovative measures and sustainable programmes.As a part of its mission to promote Indian art and cultures, the JSPL Foundation has been encouraging the talents across the country through various innovative measures and sustainable programmes. The Jindal Art Institute is one such establishment with an objective to promote of art and cultural heritage of the Country through training & workshops. Our special endeavours lies in the programme Rashtriya Swayamsiddh Samman which rewards and nurtures the network of social innovators and change makers at the grass-root level in India. The tribal art, tradition and cultures are promoted through participatory programmes at the local levels.

Major Programmes:

  • Jindal Art Institute
  • Rashtriya Swayamsiddh
  • Samman
  • Swayam Shilp
Health & Nutrition

JSPL Foundation works closely with the community and the government to build synergetic partnerships that go beyond just building the basic rural infrastructure, and also equipping the rural areas with reasonable urban facilities. Creating the necessary supportive infrastructure, for sustainable healthcare, education and livelihood development is the primary motive of the Foundation.

Major Programmes:

  • Construction and Renovation of Community Buildings, Tioilets, Livelihood Centres Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Water Irrigation Systems, Borewells, Handpumps ETC Mainatenance of Schools, classrooms
Health & Nutrition

JSPL Foundation with an aim to cater specially to the under cared and abandoned in the society, has set up programmes to reach out to the weaker sections of the society. The porgrammes are designed to holistically intervene for the appropriate and need based care for the

Major Programmes:

  • Project Swasti
  • Project Pariwartan
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