With a vision to usher new dawn of progress and growth, JSP has established a 1.6 Million Tonne Per Annum capacity steel plant at Patratu, Jharkhand. Going forward, the company plans to establish other industrial projects in this region as well.

The company has pledged overall development of the community through provision of health services, education, sports, safe drinking water, women empowerment, self-employment and infrastructure development to improve the quality of life of the people in villages.


JSP’s manufacturing facility at Patratu, has a total finished steel capacity of 1.6 MTPA. The company operates a Wire Rod Mill (0.6 MTPA) and a Bar Rod Mill (1MTPA), along with a rebar service centre. These mills are equipped with the latest technology to offer high-quality products like TMT Rebars, Rounds, Angles, Wire Rods, and other ready-to-use products like Weld Mesh, Cut and Bend Rebars.

Our Plants

  • Patratu
Our Plants
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