Jindal Panther TMT Rebars

JSP produces Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars at its most modern rebar mill 1 MTPA capacity located in Patratu, Jharkhand.

The company produces TMT rebars with latest on-line high yield quenching and self tempering (HYQST) technology. The modern mill equipped with morgan enhanced temperature control system (METS) produces TMT rebars in 6mm to 40 mm diameter suitable for high strength applications.

The production of TMT rebars involves a combination of plastic deformation of steel in austenitic stage followed by quenching and further tempering. The process controls at each critical operation ensure uniform properties in each rebar and provides the TMT rebars with a soft ferrite and pearlite fine grained core, a strong and tough tempered martensite layer imparting it with high ductility as well as strength thus making it ideal for high rises, dams, bridges, individual houses and any critical structures where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties.

The TMT rebars are conforming to the latest BIS-1786: 2008 specifications and are available in Fe 500D, Fe 550D&600 grade in normal, EQR & CRS quality, where Fe 500D grade is highly suitable for seismic prone areas.

The company is committed to provide complete customer satisfaction with respect to quality, delivery and services. Feedback from the customers acts as inputs for continuous improvement on products and services.

Cut n Bend Bars

Recognising the need for a customised solution, the company has developed the concept of ready-to-use steel through its innovative product, cut n bend bars. The ready to build customised TMT bar solution customises the lengths of the rebars and bends them at required angles in accordance with the given project requirements. This fast and efficient service caters to every kind of reinforcement requirement, redefines concepts of time and inventory management and reduces material wastage.

Welded Wire Mesh

Another pioneering idea from JSP, welded wire mesh is a new and efficient product which is aimed to expedite the construction process. It is a processed steel product that consists of rebars welded together to form a grid pattern.

Its use reduces construction time considerably as it eliminates activities like cutting, marking and spacing of bars and binding of wires to the bars. It provides an ideal and convenient solution with practical and functional advantages.

  • Immediate and positive savings in costs, labour and time
  • Reduce wastage and scrap
  • Greater accuracy with less manpower
  • Increased output with exact steel areas and spacing
  • Ensures greater structural integrity stress transfer and crack minimisation
  • Provides the only practical and easy solution for reinforcing slabs on ground
  • Stronger bonding between rebars due to welding

Quality Assurance

The company ensures quality at every step, from the input of raw material to the final product delivered on site. With a high automated plant and continuous checks at every level, it is able to produce the best quality rebars in the country. The quality team is equipped with modern testing facilities to ensure that the products meet stringent norms and quality standards.

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