Mr. Bimlendra Jha

Mr. Bimlendra Jha

Managing Director

Mr. Bimlendra Jha has worked with the Steel industry for nearly 3 decades and has his fingerprints over most flagship transformation programs at Tata Steel. As CEO of Tata Steel UK, Mr. Bimlendra Jha led the £15 bn restructuring of British Steel Pension Scheme to de- risk the business in Europe against formidable political odds.

Mr. Bimlendra Jha returned to India in 2019 as MD & CEO of Ambuja Cement Limited before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey in 2020. He is deeply passionate about green alternatives for the industry and water conservation. Apart from running his own firms, leveraging his experience, Mr. Bimlendra Jha provides expert opinion and advisory services to industrial clients and large consulting firms.

Mr. Bimlendra Jha has been the inventor of Aspire program at Tata Steel developing a practical framework for leveraging TOC, TQM, TPM, Six Sigma and EVA governance in a unified framework. In the award of Deming Grand Prize to Tata Steel, case studies from his integrated approach were well appreciated by the examiners as contributors of new knowledge in the company's improvement journey.

He created an easy to grasp training program for these improvement concepts and developed trainers to educate more than 40,000 employees at Tata Steel. Mr. Bimlendra Jha has served on the Board of Tata Group Innovation forum, Tata Steel Europe, Energy & Climate Change Board of CBI in UK and several others in India and Europe.

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